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Attention: If you want to Exponentially Grow in your Career, this is for you!

Learn how to achieve career excellence by learning the world's Number #1 Skill

Get 5 Programs To Accelerate Your Career Growth For ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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Hear from Our Empowered Voice Coaches

Career Excellence eventually boils down to BUILDING DEEPER RELATIONSHIPS

What if you mastered this Skill?

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You can Exponentially Grow in Your Career even if

You don't have great Communication Skills

You are not Confident Enough

You don't know how to Present Yourself

You don't have too many Technical Skills

You don't know how to Upskill

You don't have Capital to invest

The Bronze Membership will help you break free from all of these barriers & become highly successful in Your Career!

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Inside the Bronze Membership you will Learn How To

Unleash Your Voice

Learn Speaking in Weekly Masterclass

Refine Your Skills

5 Fast-Action Packed Courses

Case Studies

Learn from The Career Case Studies from the best across the Globe

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Unleash Your Hidden Potential

Master the Art of Empowered Communication for Career Success

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Reach Your Professional Summit

Strategies to Scale Your Career Heights with Confidence

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Elevate Your Professional Journey

LIVE Masterclass on Career Excellence. Let's Upskill!

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Transform Your Hour, Transform Your Career

One to One Clarity Call, Crush Your Challenges, Craft Your Unique Gameplan

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Like Minded Community

Connect, Learn, and Grow in a tight knit family. You are never alone!

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Get 5 Programs worth ₹46,995 ABSOLUTELY for FREE!!

Empowered Voice Blueprint

Worth ₹9999

Career Peak Blueprint

Worth ₹9999

Live Masterclass

Worth ₹9999

1-2-1 Clarity Call

Worth ₹9999

Like Minded Community

Worth ₹9999

Total Value ₹46,995
Today's Exclusive Offer

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Meet Your Coach

Prof. Yogeswari Sugumaran is a seasoned Empowered Voice Coach, dedicated to helping working professionals harness the power of their voice to create deeper connections and unlock their full potential. With years of experience in teaching (She's an MA), communication and personal development, she brings a unique blend of empathy, insight, and expertise to her coaching sessions.

Her mission is to empower individuals to express themselves authentically and confidently in both their personal and professional lives.

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Meet Your Coach

Dr. Suryadeep Majumder is a dynamic Career Transformation Expert committed to guiding professionals on their journey to career excellence. With a background in dentistry and a passion for personal development, he has honed his skills as a speaker, coach, and mentor.

Dr. Suryadeep believes in the transformative power of finding one's voice and uses his experiences to inspire others to pursue their dreams and achieve success in their careers.

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Exclusive benefits of being in this community

Communication Depth

Just starting out? No need to worry. Let’s take the first step together.

Cultivate Habits Together

Learn and grow in a supportive environment. Let practice make the progress.

Learn with the best

Stuck on something? Discuss it with your peers in the community.

Real-world Application

Build Deeper Relationships by Mastering Speaking and Language Enchancing Skills.


Always stay motivated to take action through Empowered Voice talks.

Boost Your Confidence

Want to push the limits of what you can do? Fastrack Your Career Growth together!

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"The Learning Curve is Simple, Action taking is fun, because we are all in this together!"

MV Ramana Rao, Head of Training and Development

"Yogi Surya is my favourite Couple, because they create magic every single time! What they've created is truly world Class"

Deepraj Das, Sales Expert

"We are all in one family, learning together, growing together. This is the what makes this community different that anything I have ever seen or experienced"

Dr. Rajeshwari Rapata, Homeopath and Healer

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Here is a Summary of What You Will Get

Bronze Membership

Unlock your Career Excellence by Unleashing your Empowered Voice with our exclusive Bronze Membership! Gain lifetime access to the Empowered Voice Hub and Unleash the power of your voice like never before.

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About the package

🚀 Empowered Voice Hub - Bronze Membership 🚀

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your career and step into a realm of limitless possibilities? Welcome to the Empowered Voice Hub - Bronze Membership, where we empower professionals like you to achieve deeper relationships, career excellence, and personal growth through the transformative power of your voice.

What's Included:

🎯 Empowered Voice Blueprint: Discover the secrets to unlocking your authentic voice and leveraging it for success in every aspect of your career and personal life.

🔥 Career Peak Blueprint: Gain access to proven strategies and frameworks designed to propel your career to new heights and reach your full potential in the professional world.

💡 Empowered Career Masterclass: Join our exclusive masterclasses where you will learn invaluable insights, tips, and strategies to help you navigate your career journey with confidence and clarity.

🎤 Empowered Voice Talks: Immerse yourself in a series of empowering talks and discussions focused on harnessing the power of your voice to influence, inspire, and make a meaningful impact in your professional sphere.

🌟 Empowered Voice of Fame: Elevate your visibility and amplify your voice through our platform, where you'll have the opportunity to showcase your expertise, share your story, and inspire others on their journey to success.

Empowered Hour: Join us for our weekly Empowered Hour sessions, where you'll engage in stimulating conversations, connect with fellow professionals, and gain fresh perspectives on the latest trends and topics shaping the future of work.

🤝 Empowered Voice Hub: Become part of our thriving community of like-minded individuals who are committed to supporting each other, sharing insights, and celebrating successes along the way.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and professional growth?

Join the Empowered Voice Hub - Bronze Membership today and start unleashing your true potential!

Let's empower your voice and transform your career! 🚀

Frequently Asked Questions...

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How do I access the courses after joining?

Upon joining, you will receive login credentials to access our online learning platform, where you can find all available courses and resources.

Are the courses available immediately after signing up?

Yes, courses are accessible immediately upon signing up. You can start learning at your own pace and convenience.

Do I have lifetime access to the courses?

Yes, once you enroll in a course, you will have lifetime access to the course materials, including any updates or additions made in the future.

Can I access the courses on mobile devices?

Yes, our online platform is mobile-responsive, allowing you to access courses and resources from any device with internet connectivity.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling?

Some courses may require basic knowledge or experience in certain areas, while others are suitable for beginners. 

Can I interact with instructors and other members while taking the courses?

This is our USP, the LIVE Community Activities and Engagements are the Real Miracles and Magic!

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